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One to One relationship between GeoFence and GeoEvent

Question asked by ubatsukh-esristaff Employee on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by rsunderman-esristaff

Hi there,


We am trying to create a GeoEvent service where GeoEvents (moving points) have one to one relationship with GeoFences.  We only want to get notified when let’s say vehicle A enters GeoFence A. We don’t need to know about where other vehicles (like C, D, F) enter geoFence A.  Basically, we are looking for a way to have one to one relationship between the GeoEvents and GeoFences. Currently, we are creating a new incident detector for each of this unique combination. But it seems like an inefficient way to do it especially if you have so many combinations. Is there a way to do it more efficiently? Is it possible to compare field values from two different GeoEvent definitions? In our case, our GeoFence and GeoEvent definitions have fields that contain same values.  I hope this @makes sense.  Thank you.