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Reviewer Workspace - File Geodatabase Vs. SDE

Question asked by abarron289 on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by michelle_johnson-esristaff



My colleague and I are taking the lead on implementing data reviewer in our office. I've attended the ESRI training for Data Reviewer and found it immensely helpful. However, I am still unclear of the best practice for establishing a workspace for the reviewer table. During the training, I was under the impression that I needed to have the reviewer workspace in an SDE in before all team members could access/edit the reviewer table simultaneously. During our trials, we stored the reviewer table in a file GDB and my colleague and I were both able to make edits to records in the reviewer table (update correction status, Verification status, etc). We were also able to edit over eachother's records previous edits.


I have a few questions now:

1) Can I use a file gdb instead of an SDE or are there complications I am not seeing?

2) Should I expect to see a limit on the number of people able to access the file gdb? For example, it worked with 2 people but will it work for all team members (7)

3) We have a production SDE in which all of our features are stored. Is it possible to store the reviewer table in there as well? Or will that result in complications?


Any help would be great. And of course if you can recommend some references or sources that would be great too!