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Non standardized def query breaks Create Replica function

Question asked by geompc on Apr 29, 2015

I've got a 10.3 feature service and require offline capabilities to use it with the Android SDK. In the MXD there's a Definition Query with a non- standardized query on a layer - exact query is DateChecked > DATEADD(month, -2, GetDate()). This prevents the Create Replica function from working on the Feature Service. I can't use a standardized query in the Def Query (CURRENT_DATE isn't supported) and our DBAs don't want to disable standardized queries for the server.


It seems slightly strange to enforce standardized queries at the REST endpoint but not allow them in a Definition Query within an MXD. Is it likely that standardized queries will be supported within Def Queries in future versions?


As an aside the error message encountered when the createReplica fails is, "Unable to complete operation. Failed to create replica.". A more descriptive error message would greatly help troubleshooting for other people who come across this.