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Setting up the Data Reviewer Workspace on an enterprise geodatabase

Question asked by jjmoczygemba on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by jjmoczygemba

We are looking to set up the Data Reviewer workspace on our production SDE geodatabase in Oracle. So far, my work-group is the only one in my organization using Data Reviewer. My question is, if other work-groups within my organization decide to start using Data Reviewer, is it best practice to have all groups set up their own individual schema owners and workspace, or should they all access the same workspace and just give their Sessions a unique name, like Workgroup A, Workgroup B, etc.? That way, the DBA only has to create an Reviewer admin role and schema owner once. We ran into this problem with Workflow Manager, and found that, at least for our organization, it is better to have multiple repositories set up on a single database instance. Not sure if that's also true for Data Reviewer. Thanks in advance for any advice and  comments! Jenn