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Map Services

Question asked by ldcarto on Apr 28, 2015



We are beginning to create map services and we are running into the question of the best approach to multiple layers with different update schedules within the same mxd (same theme).  We have some data that is static and will not need to be updated ever and we would prefer to not have to update those layers again since that would be a waste of time.  Some data, however would be updated weekly.  These datasets are all in the same map service mxd because they have the same theme.  We will be creating many map service mxds in total and do not want to have a separate mxd for each theme and update schedule, but we do not want to have to update every dataset either when some of them are static.  I was hoping that perhaps there was a way to use the data frames to resolve this issue, but that isn't the case.

Anyone have any ideas of how to best accomplish this and if there is a method to complete this without having to create extra map service mxds or update the static data weekly?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.