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Installing Oracle 64bit Client for ArcGIS Pro SDE Connections

Question asked by BGrod on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by asengupta-esristaff

Can you help me with installing the Oracle 64 bit client for Windows Version 12.1. I understand I need this client to view my Oracle SDE connections in ArcGIS Pro (v 1.0). I downloaded the client but it doesn't have a standard setup.exe and the online instructions (Pg 8 Sec 6.2) suggest I need an Oracle Universal Installer to run the setup. I can't find a place to download the Oracle Universal Installer, every blog I come across suggest it comes with the software but it doesn't appear to be within the 64 bit client downloaded zip file. Should I reach out to my IT department for this one? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.