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AppStudio apps won't run

Question asked by thecupps on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by MVertzonis-esristaff

When I create an app using AppStudio.


If I use the Map Tour Tempalate EAP3, it seems to build (and I can upload to my arcgis online account), but when i try to 'run/play' from App Studio it crashes immediately..

     "ArcGIS AppBuilder Player   ArcGIS AppBuilder Player has stopped working   Windows is checking for a solution to the problem..."


If I use the Template Map Tour Template Beta 2, it runs, and I get a blank outline but nothing inside..


I tried to follow the AppStudio for ArcGIS: Building Native Cross-Platform Apps | Esri Video  exactly.. including using his webmapid, but i get the same results every time.