Got stuck in creating and exporting an ENC(S-57 file)

Discussion created by hsjuc on Oct 27, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by hsjuc
I would like to produce an ENC product from my existing shapefiles. I've followed the PLTS Desktop Help 'ENC Production Procedures'. In shorts:

  1. Set up the product library and nautical properties.

  2. Add series, product, instance, and AOI to the ENC product class.

  3. Implement instance and check out product.

  4. Import data from existing shapefiles to the checked-out geodatabase and edit attributes.

  5. Run the Update Primitives tool. Then I got the following error 'Invalid Name:Error while initializing Feature cache hr:-2147467259'

What does the error message mean? I don't understand the overall ENC production procedures very well. Am I on the right track? Since I'm importing data other than ENC cell(no cell info can be imported to my geodatabase), how should I define S-57 cell metadata?

In addition, is it possible to modify the Agency/FIDS list(ex. add item to the list)?

The software version is PLTS Nautical 9.3.1. Hope I explained my question clearly.
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