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can u check the code and tell me what is actually wrong in this ......when run it is not shown in the browser

Question asked by aneeshasatya on Apr 27, 2015
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    <metahttp-equiv="Content-Type"content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

    <!--The viewport meta tag is used to improve the presentation and behavior of the samples

      on iOS devices-->

    <metaname="viewport"content="initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1,user-scalable=no">

<title>Nalgonda point data popup</title>






            html, body,


            .map.container {

            padding: 0;

            margin: 0;



      #info {

         top: 2px;

         color: #444;

         height: auto;

         font-family: arial;

         font-weight: bold;

         left: 69px;

         margin: 5px;

         padding: 10px;

         position: absolute;

         width: 260px;

         z-index: 40;

         border: solid 1px #003300;

         border-radius: 4px;

         background-color: Green;




        /* Change color of icons to match bar chart and selection symbol */



            .esriPopup.darkdiv.actionsPane.action {

            color: #A4CE67;


        /* Additional customizations */

            .esriPopup.dark.esriPopupWrapper {

            border: none;


            .esriPopup.contentPane {

            text-align: center;








        <script src=""></script>


    var map;



        "esri/dijit/Popup", "esri/dijit/PopupTemplate",


        "esri/symbols/SimpleFillSymbol", "esri/Color",

        "dojo/dom-class", "dojo/dom-construct", "dojo/on",

        "dojox/charting/Chart", "dojox/charting/themes/Dollar", "dojo/parser",

        "dijit/layout/BorderContainer", "dijit/layout/ContentPane", "dijit/TitlePane",


             ], function (


        Popup, PopupTemplate,

        FeatureLayer, SimpleFillSymbol, Color, BasemapGallery, arcgisUtils,

        domClass, domConstruct, on,

       Chart, Dollar, parser) {




          map = new Map("map", {

              basemap: "topo",

              center: [78.8718, 21.7679],

              zoom: 4


          //        ) {



          //add the basemap gallery, in this case we'll display maps from including bing maps

          var basemapGallery = new BasemapGallery({

              showArcGISBasemaps: true,

              map: map

          }, "basemapGallery");




          basemapGallery.on("error", function (msg) {

              console.log("basemap gallery error:  ", msg);


          //      ) {

          //The popup is the default info window so you only need to create the popup and

          //assign it to the map if you want to change default properties. Here we are

          //noting that the specified title content should display in the header bar

          //and providing our own selection symbol for polygons.

          var fill = new SimpleFillSymbol("solid", null, new Color("#A4CE67"));

          var popup = new Popup({

              fillSymbol: fill,

              titleInBody: false

          }, domConstruct.create("div"));

          //Add the dark theme which is customized further in the <style> tag at the top of this page

          domClass.add(popup.domNode, "dark");

          map.infoWindow = popup;



          //          map = new Map("map", {

          //              basemap: "gray",

          //              center: [78.8718, 21.7679],

          //              zoom: 4,

          //              infoWindow: popup

          //          });



          var template = new PopupTemplate({

              title: "munugode subdivision",

              description: "{village}:  {population} are affected",

              fieldInfos: [{ //define field infos so we can specify an alias

                  fieldName: "Number_Ent",

                  label: "Entrants"

              }, {

                  fieldName: "Number_Sta",

                  label: "Starters"

              }, {

                  fieldName: "Number_Fin",

                  label: "Finishers"


              mediaInfos: [{ //define the bar chart

                  caption: "",

                  type: "barchart",

                  value: {

                      theme: "Dollar",

                      fields: ["Number_Ent", "Number_Sta", "Number_Fin"]






          var featureLayer = new FeatureLayer("http://3092-ggngis:6080/arcgis/rest/services/BSESWithoutOwnership/FeatureServer/0", {

              mode: FeatureLayer.MODE_ONDEMAND,

              outFields: ["*"],

              infoTemplate: template










<body  class="claro">



            <div data-dojo-type="dijit/layout/BorderContainer"

            data-dojo-props="design:'headline', gutters:false"




    <div id="map"






    <div style="position:absolute; right:20px; top:10px; z-Index:999;">

    <div data-dojo-type="dijit/TitlePane"

            data-dojo-props="title:'Switch Basemap', closable:false, open:false">

            <div data-dojo-type="dijit/layout/ContentPane"style="width:100; height:100px; overflow:auto;">