arcpy add attribute info to mxd

Discussion created by ryankelley001 on Oct 26, 2010
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From everything I've read in the help and on the forums, it doesn't seem possible to add tabular data to an mxd from a lyr's attribute table (without using a third party python module).  In particular, I care about three fields of the 30 or so.

I am trying to maintain tabular data as a report (dynamically) that can be embedded in the mxd's TOC. I don't want two pages by appending two PDFs, just the table (that can grow/shrink depending on the number of records).  I am not sure how this is possible... any ideas?

Right now, I have a search cursor grabbing the needed values, and adding them to the mxd, but there has to be an easier (and prettier) way.

Thanks in advance!!