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collect cell values from a stack of rasters

Question asked by bsriramak on Apr 27, 2015
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I have about 300 rasters (IDW surfaces). I would like to collect all the cell values located under a cell from all the cells below in this stack of 300 rasters. All rasters are same extent and same cell size.


For example we have 5 rasters. I have a polygon layer that exactly overlaps the raster (actually created using raster to feature tool) . Lets assume a polygon(cell) location in this polygon layer, below this polygon are 5 rasters and hence 5 cells.


I want to store these 5 cell values as attribute of the polygon cell, so that the attribute table for this particular polygon cell reads (3,10.4, 8.9,2.3,1) These are the cell values of the cells from the rasters below.


How can I do this?