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Spatial Reference Kertau RSO Malaya

Question asked by steelis2013 on Apr 26, 2015
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I am writing a program to load in old data files to display on ArcGIS Runtime and run across the following coordinates 374123990 4729222. I know that the set of coordinate refer to a location in Singapore and was told it was using the Kertau RSO Malaya Meters Spatial Reference.


I have tried Googling for a formula or method but I couldn't really find any help on the issue. Or at least from a non-GIS background, I couldn't really link the information to the issue.


So, I'm hoping if there's anyone that could help or know of any method or formula to convert a coordinate from Kertau RSO Malaya to WGS84 or something that is humanly possible to display on ArcGIS runtime (Android to be exact)?


A big "Thank You" in advance for any help.