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Grouping Analysis with streets as borders?

Question asked by isabellruehl on Apr 26, 2015
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I have a question about the Grouping Analysis Tool.

Is it possible to use streets as spatial borders for the groups?

I want to group a city district with multiple attributes, like the heat demand of buildings and the number of building types. But spatial neighborhood is of primary concern.  I have a data set that contains 149 blocks of buildings in the form of separate polygons. And I have another one which contains streets. There are two main streets and I don´t want the created groups to cross them in the sense that there are parts of one group on both sides of a street. Is there a possible solution?

Or is there another tool or script which I could use in ArcGIS to create spatial clusters in the presence of obstacles? Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything related to this using the search function.

Thank you all!