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With IE 10 is this a CORS setup issue or an ArcGIS 10.2 queryTask issue?

Question asked by abjones on Apr 24, 2015

I'm still loosing sleep over my ArcGIS JavaScript application and why it does not work with IE 10 / 11.  I have CORS enable my server, which seems to work with everything not ArcGIS and works with for ArcGIS showing feature layers on a map, but not for queryTask directed at the same feature layer.


I have the JavaScript directive, though not supposed to be needed:

// where getTokenURL="""/")[3]);


Everything works properly in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.  But in  IE10


my $.getJSON CORS request works well, the map loads and displays images as expected.  When I execute a queryTask the nework trafic monitor shows a request being made through PROXY instead of a CORS request.  Firefox, Chrome network monitors show CORS requests for the same event.


My authorization token is valid for the Client IP address, not valid for the PROXY IP; things go wrong.


My question is, have I missed something I need to do or does ArcGIS 10.2 queryTask not support IE 10 / 11 CORS ?


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