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Packaging Succeeded, But Publishing Failed

Question asked by Tcooley on Apr 24, 2015

I am trying to publish a 500MB point feature class with attachments up to ArcGIS Online.  Previously this had worked for me but over the past two days I have attempted dozens of times without any success.


After running the Service Editor and hitting publish it creates my service definition successfully but when it starts transferring the web source it fails.  It shows the progress bar and lists "Processed ### of 500Mbs" and continue until it hits 373 of 500.  Once at 373 it drops back down to 350 and then goes back up to 373 and then drops back down again repeating this until it errors giving me the message, "Packaging succeeded, but publishing failed."


The results window only gives me the generic ERROR 999999.


I am not sure what is wrong with this and unsure how to proceed in troubleshooting it.