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Raster resolution degraded when zoomed out

Question asked by rgthurau on Apr 24, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by mikecusi

Hi Community,

Our issue is when providing raster maps 1:100K (Digital Raster Graphics; DRGs) for field use, the maps are degraded in both viewing and printing.


In the attached example, the right side of the image maintains quality resolution when zoomed out. The left side shows how the image is degraded when zoomed out. We're assuming the problem is in the pyramid build, but there doesn't seem to be an acceptable solution available.


- We know that the right side image was created (pyramids built) in Arc 9.3. Pyramid files are .rrd.

- The left side image as created in Arc 10.x. Pyramid files appear to be .ovr

- Arc 9.3 used Erdas Imagine's method of pyramid creation.

- Imagine and Arc no longer like each other, so even if we built pyramids in current Imagine, Arc would require a rebuild.


ESRI has been unresponsive with any type of solution.


Has anyone else encountered this or similar? Even better, does anyone have a remedy?


Thanks for your thoughts or advice.