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Question about attachment enablement published into Feature Service for offline edition.

Question asked by OAS on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by OAS

Hi guys!

I have a question.

I published in my ArcGIS Server 10.3 a feature access Service for offline edition, to collect points in one point feature class. After I share it to my company's ArcGIS Online account, in order to use the feature Service with ArcGIS Collector. All was OK with the Service and it was tested inside ArcMap, ArcGIS Online and finally in Collector.

In my first test, in Collector I saw that it was imposible to upload photos. Then I enabled Attachments for the point feature class in the SDE geodatabase, and after the feature Access Service began an inesperate behavior. First, the Service didn't collect nothing for a user permissions problem (?). As workaround  make this actions:

1. I re-check permissons, and nothing changed.

2. After I delete the user and its schema and re-create the user, schemas and feature class and the Service Work again in ArcMap test and doesnt Work in ArcGIS Online and Collector. The symptom was: when I start an Edit sesión in AGOL, the servcice does't capture points. Don't matter how much clicks you make over the map. simply the cursor remains as "ready" but don't mark new positions. I tried all: coordinate system,

extents, Z and M awareness.

3. Finally I deleted the entire corporate geodatabase and restore the content schema by schema form file geodatabases and the Service didn't capture information.

4. After I disabled the attachment in SDE geodatabase fot the point feature class and the Service starts to Work normally again. Without the possibility to store attachments.

The question is:

1. Is possible to enable attachments inside a feature Access Service, pointing to ArcGIS Server and collect data and attachments using AGOL as 'bridge"

2. If not possible, I'm thinking to upload a zipped File GDB to AGOL containing the point feature class with enabled attachments. IS possible? Is possible to enable automatic replication with mcorporate GDB from AGOL?