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Attribute table incorrect number of records behavior

Question asked by jillslater24 on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by jillslater24

I am using ArcMap 10.2.2. I am viewing feature classes in a file geodatabase also created in 10.2.2. When I open the attribute table initially I see the correct number of records, then when I use the "Move to end of table" button or do any sorting on the table the total number of records decreases, and any further analysis I do on the table uses the incorrect number of records. Other users are also looking at this database and do not have this behavior, so I don't think it is a gdb issue. I reinstalled ArcMap, and also added sp5, and still have the issue. Has anyone seen this before or does anyone have any ideas why it might be happening only to me?