Viewshed example

Discussion created by matthussey on Oct 25, 2010
Hi, I'm trying to work out how to do Viewshed and really have no idea where to start.

The issue I'm trying to solve is calculating the viewshed visible by looking down from anywhere along a line that is in the air (what ground can I see from along a washing line, if you like).

Anyway, I have no idea how to get viewshed working. I have some dted data. I have a feature layer with a line in it. I know where the ESRI.ArcGIS.Geoprocessing.GeoProcessor is. I know where the ESRI.ArcGIS.SpatialAnalystTools.Viewshed is. But that's it, and may be wrong. I have no idea how to actually hook up the viewshed tool to the gp or if I'm even supposed to do so. I'm finding the amount of help online to do this very thin. I have found articles of what viewshed is, but not how to actually do it.

I am working in C# 2005, with ArgGIS Engine 9.3.1.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction