Visual Studio / Windows 7 issue:  cannot register assembly

Discussion created by swolf011 on Oct 25, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2012 by rlwatson
My work machine was just upgraded to Windows 7, this caused a lot of problems with my Visual Studio 2008.  (all issues described here are presenting themselves in VS 2010 as well).

My issue when building projects is the following error:
Error 1 Cannot register assembly "C:\Users\sbwolf\Desktop\CVS Repository\arcgis - Copy\ExportToImage\EMF Export\bin\Release\ExportToImage.dll" - access denied. 
Please make sure you're running the application as administrator. Access to the registry key 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ExportToImage.ExportToImage' is denied. ExportToImage

If I run Visual Studio as administrator and then run (Debug -> Run ) the project in ArcMap, my ArcMap gets into this odd state where only a few Feature Classes load.  If I try to fix the ones that did not, no feature classes or datasets display in the SDE connection.  Not running Visual Studio in administrator fixes this issue with ArcMap, but the COM assembly is not registered and doesn't show up in ArcMap.  FYI, the code being run is an ESRI ICommand derivative.

I'm wondering if due to Visual Studio running as administrator, ArcMap isn't in some odd execution context because it's not running the same permission level or the possibly same level as that of its supporting executables ( AppRot, etc).

Has anyone else had this problem?