Coverting Coordinates - I think

Discussion created by bpokorny on Oct 24, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2010 by MKennedy-esristaff
Hi there -

I have an application that reads GPS NMEA strings, such as $GPRMC, $GPGGA, etc...
The Coordinates from GPS GPRMC are for example 3548.332,N and 08104.040,W and I beleive they are in WGS84.  I am using ESRI's North America Street Map data to play with, and when the coordinates are displayed it appears (in arc View they are dd mm ss) and in my app, they are in decimal degrees (ex. 35.23523 and -82.34534). 

Can someone explain to me that if the coordinates are both WGS84, why do they have the decimal in a different place, what do I have to do or convert to make the coordinates match and lastly, what do I need to do to display these GPS tracks on the tracking layer?

I know it sounds like a lot, and I got the gist of is, just having problems with converting coordinates...not sure if my symbol(s) are displaying correctly on the map.

Thanks for the help.