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Do we need to put clientid in between ’<‘ and ‘>’ when licensing for basic license?

Question asked by oguzhantopsakal on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by Gagandeep_Singh-esristaff

If I do not put my clientid in between ’<‘ and ‘>’, it gives EXC_BAD_ACCESS.  I wonder if I need to put my clientid in between ‘<‘ and ‘>’(If I put it in ‘<‘ and ‘>’, I do not get EXC_BAD_ACCESS but it says my client id is invalid but it should be valid..) I am trying to add the client id to remove 'Developer Use Only' mark by using the following code:


    NSString* clientID = @"<XYZ>";

    [AGSRuntimeEnvironment setClientID:clientID error:&error];


        // We had a problem using our client ID

        NSLog(@"Error using client ID : %@",[error localizedDescription]);