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Question on Geodatabases - is this possible?

Question asked by kurto on Apr 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by GUpchurch-esristaff

Hi all -


Here is my situation.  I am working for an organization that works in many countries.  In each of these countries are a variety of grantees that are funded.  Each grantee works in a different amount of administrative areas.


As of now, I have created shaprefiles for each grantee, based on the underlying administrative areas they work in.  ALL of the shapefiles have an identical table structure.


This is what I want (ideally) and was hoping that someone could confirm that it would be possible.


- Have all of the grantees (Feature Classes?) in the geodatabase, sorted by country (Feature Dataset?)


- Be able to query across all grantees (e.g. show me all of grantees created after 2000).


Is this possible and if so, what method would i use to create this?