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flow paths in urban areas

Question asked by inga_hydro on Apr 22, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by MBoucher21

Aiming at a map of urban area flow paths caused by extreme rainfall I am trying to figure out the most reasonable approach.


What I can apply:

ArcGis 9.3.1 (ArcView licence)

ArcHydro Tools 9 version

a DEM with 1-m-resolution (~ 200 km^2)

layers of river net, buildings, streets and project area outline

unfortunately only a rather limited amount of time, as it is only one aspect of my project.

Any advise on whether it is a good idea at all to use ArcHydro, things to do and to avoid is highly appreciated! My impression is that most people use ArcHydro on landscape scale. Do I overlook an alternative other than a costly (in terms of money and time) hydrological model?