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Include an accordion-like component in bootstrap map

Question asked by schlot on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by schlot

My current map has a header, map and sidebar, which contains several DOJO TitlePanes that act as accordions.  I like using titlePanes, rather than the actual accordion, because I can pick and choose which ones are open at start up, and you're not limited to one at a time being open.  These titlePanes act as dividers, one containing a geocoder, one my basemap widget, one a dGrid etc.


While I need to make this design more responsive, I don't really want to depart from my original styling.  It seems like I ought to be able to use some of the bootstrap examples like Dojo Bootstrap Map  instead.  None of the examples I've seen have this accordion/titlePane feel to it.  In the dojo bootstrap, it sounds like there is a module Collapse, which is the closest look and feel to what I want.


Here's my ignorance - can I just grab that one component, collapse.js and any corresponding css, if there is any, and add it to my project assuming I'm referencing it properly?  So far I've only used the original basic Dojo components in my project.  I don't know jQuery and it seems like I can continue on the 'dojo only' path for my development.