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Unexpected results editing file geodatabase feature class

Question asked by wguidry on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by wguidry

My understanding is that a file geodatabase only allows one user to edit a featureclass at a time, however this is not what I'm experiencing.


If I log in as myself on one machine and open ArcMap, point to a shared file geodatabase on our server, add a feature class to the map, and then click "start editing"... so far so good.


From a second machine if a co-worker logs in and (from ArcMap) connects to the exact same feature class and attempts to open an edit session, it allows it to occur and we can both edit at the same time which doesn't seem right based on ESRI documentation (I didn't think it supported multi-user editing).


I noticed if I login to both machines and attempt the same procedure it will give me an error on the second machine saying the feature class cannot be edited, but this is not occurring when a coworker logs in and performs the same test. Is this expected behavior?