Scale Dependency Issues

Discussion created by gezjames on Oct 21, 2010
I am trying to use create a web map that has a VETiledLayer and two ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayers which I am able to create but now have some scale dependency issues.  I can get the map services to display correctly on loading but when I try to zoom in all the data disappears as if there was some scale dependency limiting viewing.  It appears to work when I zoom out though.  I have quadruple checked my MXD file and it now has no scale dependency applied to any of the four layers (removed to test).  Even when it did set scale dependency, I tried setting them quite wide (1:200 - 1:200,000,000).  I have tried using the MSD and MXD files for this with no luck.  Can anyone give me some direction on where to look next.