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Converting UK LCM2007 land cover data to polygons - please help

Question asked by arneloth on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by sephefox

Hello everyone,


Firstly please apologize if this all sounds rather amateurish, I am completely new to ArcGIS and am currently losing my sanity over a university assignment. I have downloaded the LCM2007 land cover data for the whole of the UK from Edina Digimap. It consists of a raster and a vector file, both of which contain 24 classes of land cover (see picture).


forum question pic.jpg


For my analysis, I need to work out which land cover type is preferred by butterflies in the area (black dots are butterfly sightings), so I need this land cover data as 24 individual polygons to calculate intersect etc. (unless there is a magical way for ArcMap to tell me which land cover type contains the most butterfly sightings without doing an individual intersect for each type)? In any way, I am currently stuck, as the Raster to Polygon conversion did not retain the different land cover types, but just gave me one single category, which makes it a bit useless.


Any suggestions at all?