The Workspace is not being edited

Discussion created by slamon on Oct 18, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2010 by slamon
I have been running a web app for the last couple weeks with 2 editable feature classes.  Both have been successfully edited using the same version.  Now, when i try to edit one of them, i get an error saying "The workspace is not being edited".  I can tweak the services a little so that I don't get the error, but when i do that, features that are supposed to be drawn in feature class A are being created in feature class B.

Initially, I had both feature classes in one service and 2 different edit tasks.  I did this because using 1 edit task and having the user switch between targets was SLOW.

I have since changed it so that each target is in its own service and I'm still using 2 edit tasks.  This is simple out of the box web app stuff.  it worked on Friday, doesn't work on Monday.  What might have changed?  I've gone so far as to point the 2 possible targets to their own version.  I know this is supposed to work because it DID work.  Now it looks like i'll have to create a seperate app for every FC I want edited.