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using raster calculator for stack of raster layers

Question asked by lpalao on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by lpalao

Hi ArcPy users,


I have a bit of problem in my script. I am working with MODIS data, and I already have a stack of raster layers. I want to rescale my MODIS data (stack layers) but whenever I use the raster calculator or the divide function in Math the output is converted into single band. I have 10 bands(rasters) stacked in each of my TIFF files.


out_Div = out_ws + "MOD_" + date_parse + "_clip_Geo_rescale" + ".tif"
outDivide = Divide(bands_WGS, 10000.00)


bands_WGS is a stack of 10 rasters. When I execute this the output is converted into a single band. Not a stack of rasters divided by 10000.00


Hope my query is clear.


Thanks in advance for any help.