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ArcGIS Server v10.0 Silverlight API: ArcGISDynamicMapServicelayer not preserving Opacity when exported as an image

Question asked by Sowjanya on Apr 16, 2015

I can adjust the transparency for the dynamic map sservices in my ArcGIS Silverlight Viewer and it works very well. When I try to print the map by  exporting it to a PDF, the opacity is not preserved.

Using Fiddler, call looked something like this: 

GET /ArcGIS/rest/services/XXX_Gas_Other/MapServer/export?bbox=-363065.690372994%2c3596753.9489%2c1136665.69037299%2c4166117.0511&size=1346%2c511&format=png24&transparent=true&imageSR=26911&bboxSR=26911&f=image& HTTP/1.1



Is there any way to specify Opacity in this call?