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Georeferencing/Spatial Adjusting of vector river dataset to DEM in ArcGIS

Question asked by redshoe235 on Apr 16, 2015
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I have a huge dataset of vector river data (over 10'000 rivers) which are saved in a shapefile and were initially derived from a topographic map.

However when comparing this vector to DEM data (SRTM 30 m data) there seems to be a irregular shift in data.

River and DEM data are in the same coordinate system and projection and I don't exactly know why these shifts occur in the data.


What I did in ArcGIS 10.2 to compare the data: I created a hillshade and also I've created a flow accumulation raster to visualise the location of the rivers (see map below with DEM in background)



I've tried to adjust the rivers to the DEM manually using the Spatial Adjustment Toolbar (setting displacement links at nodes), however this task is quite time consuming and not very accurate.


Can anyone think of an easier more exact way (maybe automated way?) to do this kind of task, considering the huge amount of river data (over 10000 rivers!)?


Thank you for your help and kind regards,