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Publish to ArcGIS Online Hosted fails: Error 999999 (generic)

Question asked by Burkejen on Apr 16, 2015
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My ability to publish feature services to our organizational account for ArcGIS Online has been failing as of yesterday and generating a generic error (Error 999999) in the Geoprocessing Results.  Often, if I keep repeatably attempting to Share the Service, it may eventually publish. But now even persistence is not working.


I am using ArcMap 10.2.2. to share a service to be hosted on our AGOL organizational account.

I am signed into my organizational account via ArcMap sign in; ArcCatalog, within ArcMap, actively lists and I can access my previously published services under My Hosted Services.

The file size is very small - 70 points with 4 columns of limited data, stored in a file geodatabase on my hard drive.

I am selecting My Hosted Service (our organization) after I select Share -> a Service -> Publish a Service.

Capabilities are set to No Tiling, Feature Access only.

The Analyze procedure does not reveal any errors.

Sharing services is a two part geoprocess - Staging and Upload Service Definition

Staging is running with success.

Upload Service Definition is failing.


In the geoprocessing history log file (XML file), when I compare a successful publish to a failed publish, there appears to be a single line missing in the failed publish - the Hosted Feature Service Item ID is missing in the Parameter outputs. See attached if interested.


I can share a Map Package without an issue on to our Hosted Service from ArcMap using the exact same ArcMap document and feature class, and completed just minutes after the failed feature service publishing. I can upload the file geodatabase to our AGOL Organization Account and publish a feature service on AGOL without an issue using the same data.


Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated!