automatically include recordID/userID to Editing Session

Discussion created by cjseeger on Oct 15, 2010
I have a two page site.  The first page includes a user survey i.e. gender, age, zip. Once they press submit the data gets stored to the DB and a dynamic Record ID is created. This value is returned to page 2 for use there.

On page 2, I have a simple point editing map that lets the user select from the template the type of point they want to locate and saves it to the DB.

What I need to do however is to also send the recordID or userID to the DB as well so that later I can do queries on the data such as show all points submitted by those over age 45.

Where I am stuck is how to take the ID value I have in a javaScript variable and make it so it gets sent as an attribute each time a new point is made.

My DB on ArcSDE has an empty field called UsID