User edits made with Field Calculator prevent form opening when _OnChange event fires

Discussion created by geophotog on Oct 14, 2010
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I have written an application that tracks attribute value changes by opening a user form whenever a user edits an attribute (listening to OnChange event). All works well for single edits not involving the use of Calculator. If the user selects individual or multiple fields and uses the Calculator to make the edits, my user form is never fired, nor is debugging operable to identify the source of problems.

Essentially when I comment out all my surrounding code and boil it down to the following, the form doesn't fire when Calculator is used for the edits, but works seamlessly otherwise:

Private Sub ObjectClassEvents_OnChange(ByVal obj As IObject)
End Sub


Since Calculator automatically iterates through _ONChange for each selection, how/where can I fire my form so that the Calculator pauses and allows information to be entered into the form?

Help is greatly appreciated,
Jill, USFS Region 6