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AGSRuntimeSDKforIOS(ESri) 10.2.2 License issue, iTunes App is crashing.

Question asked by suppriya on Apr 15, 2015

I have generated ClientID as per instruction mentioned in above link, also added code in -Init

NSError *error; NSString* clientID = @"2ayVKEYIRokuuyTo"; [AGSRuntimeEnvironment setClientID:clientID error:&error]; if(error){ // We had a problem using our client ID NSLog(@"Error using client ID : %@",error); }

Watermark is vanished. i can test GIS module in my iPad App also all features are accessible. i had added above code to get rid of watermark "Licensed for developer use only".

after i upload my App, when it was approved i download from iTunes but GIS modules start Crashing...

it does not give any issue when i am debugging/testing all features like Legend, my Location ETC works properly. but App on iTunes is crashing....

any one having idea what i am missing....