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LGM : (How do I) Add A New Apartment Complex

Question asked by bokeefe on Apr 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by bokeefe

I'm looking for the tables used in placing a new Apartment into the Local Government Model.


I believe they are as follows:

  1. Address
    1. AddressEntrancePoint
      1. To show all entrance locations to the property such as multiple entrance gates for the Apartment.
    2. AddressPoint
      1. To show the points along the street where the Apartment complex connects.
    3. SiteAddressPoint
      1. To show the various addressed sites, or locations, within the complex. This would include the various apartment units, buildings, or clubhouses as well as any other items or equipment that are addressed by local government.
  2. FacilitiesStreets
    1. BridgePoint
      1. Some Apartments have a bridge that leads into the complex.
    2. ParkingSpace
      1. Showing each parking spot for the Apartment complex.
    3. PavementMarkingLine
    4. PavementMarkingPoint
      1. 3 & 4 covering any paving markings within the Apartment complex.
    5. Pole
    6. Sidewalk
    7. Sign
    8. StreetPavement
    9. Tree
      1. 6-9 cover basic things found in an Apartment complex.
  3. ParcelPublishing
    1. Block
    2. ConveyanceDivision
    3. ConveyanceDivisionPoint
    4. Encumbrance
    5. OwnerParcel
    6. SimultaneousConveyance
    7. TaxParcelPoint
      1. All of these items need to be created and maintained if not already.
  4. ReferenceData
    1. BuildingFootprint
      1. Show each building and structure within the Apartment complex.
    2. FacilitySite
    3. FacilitySitePoint
      1. 2 & 3 Shows the boundary of the Apartment complex, most likely is just the Parcel but could be less.
    4. Vegetation
      1. Show any wooded areas within the Apartment complex.
    5. Waterbody
      1. Show any ponds or pools owned / maintained by the Apartment complex.
    6. Waterline
      1. Show any river and stream centerlines that travel through an Apartment complex.
  5. SewerStormwater
  6. Stormwater
  7. WaterDistribution
    1. 5 - 7 should cover the sewer, stormwater and water equipment and facilities within and on the Apartment complex.


If someone can confirm, deny, refute, or otherwise correct this list I would GREATLY appreciate it.