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Small Caps?

Question asked by jnormandin on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by jnormandin

I am wondering if there is any intention to fix the fact that "Small Caps" do not appear correctly?  I have been using a MS Word Object in ArcMap for title blocks on my maps (to match the logo style below), where I am able to properly format text as Small Caps - large initial (capital) letters, with small capitals for subsequent letters.  In ArcMap, Small Caps makes all letters small capitals, basically turning your text into AllCaps at 80% of selected font size, with no differentiation between capitals and non-capitals.


I have found ESRI forums with people complaining of this as early as 2003.


I have just installed ArcGIS Pro, and it appears that my MS Word object for my title black is not compatible, yet the new program STILL does not properly draw Small Caps...


So, is this going to be resolved?




Jeff Normandin

GIS Manager