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Selecting pixels in one raster based on their distance as a function of their height from pixels in a second raster

Question asked by lredmond on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2015 by GUpchurch-esristaff

We are working on a project that is looking at potential crossing points for Squirrel Gliders between patches of trees on either side of a freeway. We have mapped vegetation over aerial photos and the formula for potential flight distances we will use is "x"=1.8 x tree height. I have a digital elevation model of the tree heights that I can use. What I would like to do is have one raster (Raster A) on one side of the road that has values 0 (no landing potential) and 1 (1 being acceptable landing locations), the second raster (Raster B) on the other side of the freeway will have values 0 (no takeoff veg) and where there is acceptable takeoff vegetation the value of each pixel will be a height value of the tree canopy of that pixel.

The result I would like to try and achieve is to create a new output raster (Raster C) showing just where: pixels from Raster B are identified that are within a distance of 1.8 times by their value (height) from any pixel with a value of 1 in Raster A.

I am new to this forum and I dont expect anyone to do all the work for me but I just want to try not to waste my departments time and money if I am going the wrong way about approaching this problem. I am sure there are other ways approach this also.. I dont have experience with python or model builder but If someone can assure me that what I want to do can be done and direct me to how to go about starting on it and what sort of tool/script to use to work on it I would be very thankful.