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Old GIS dude left. Now I need to pick up the pieces...

Question asked by coleblair on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by gjorgenson_ACHD12000

When I came to my present company, someone had set up Arc Server 10.0 Service Pack 2, SQL Server, Geocortex 3.9. I have been asked to pick up the pieces and fix the problems and expand. As of now our online maps don't work.


My Experience: I’m an established Geo-Tech in the petroleum industry. I am new to ArcGIS but I’m familiar with learning and using new software. Petra, Global Mapper, Photoshop, Illistrator, etc... Also I used to make HTML 4 websites like 13years ago.


Questions: Should I try and get the old map services up and running first? Or Should I just upgrade everything and start from scratch (ArcGIS Server 10.3/Geocortex 4.0)?


I understand that taking on this job means it’s going to be a lot of work on my part. Especially having to handle the ArcGIS Administrator side as well as Mapping and my Geo-Tech duties. I was trying to reach out and see if anyone has experience, that they could share or help direct me on the route to take. Hopefully make the process less painful.


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