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Want Bold Font in AGO Map Popup AND AGO Edit Form Columns

Question asked by matthysj on Apr 13, 2015

I have been unable to make specific columns in BOTH the AGO map popup and the AGO edit form show in bold text


For example, I want the following two columns (Phenol Stain Loss % and Safety Factor) in bold text in both the AGO map popup AND the AGO edit form


The method that I am using to get the bold text in the edit form is to configure the map popup with <b> tags


Configure AGO Map Popup


AGO Map Edit Form looks good, but the map popup has the ugly <b> tags




If I use the Custom Attribute Display (below) to customize the AGO map popup with bold text, this will override the AGO Map Edit Form text.



In summary, I am unable to display specific columns with bold text in BOTH the AGO map popup and AGO edit form.  I can do one or the other, but not both forms.


Any suggestions?


- Jake