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I'm pretty sure I've found a serious bug - help?

Question asked by mlaily on Apr 13, 2015
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I'm using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .Net for a big desktop application, and it's great.

Unfortunately, sometimes the app crashes when loading data on the map using a GraphicsLayer, and there is no way to catch the exception, because it happens in the core of the Runtime.

I've used the SDK  since the beta, and at the time, I thought the few crashes would be resolved by the time the final version would come out. Besides, I couldn't reproduce the problem easily, as it happened quite randomly.


But the problem is still there somewhere, and the more data we load on the map, the more quickly it crashes. This is becoming a major issue for us...


Today, I'm finally able to provide a sample app reproducing the problem, and I would like to report a bug so that you can fix it, hopefully.

After looking for a bug-report platform for an hour, I could not find a better place than here to do that ( ! ), so please point me in the right direction if I'm mistaken.


Anyway, please find the sample project demonstrating the crash attached to this message.