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Reprojection Issues

Question asked by rdg3191 on Apr 12, 2015
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Hi all


I'm hoping someone can help me out with some projection issues.  I have a 2006 National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD) for Louisiana originally in Albers Equal Area Projection.  The MRLC Server provided me two seperate tiffs to cover the data request for my study area (coastal Louisiana).


I mosaicked the two datasets into one, and reprojected both the mosaicked layer and my second dataset to the NAD 1983 South Louisiana State Plane Coordinate System.  I used the "Transformation" button under the Data Frame Properties tab to reproject, and I have also used the "Define Projection" tool in Arc Toolbox.  I even used the Raster Reproject tool, but the two layers still do not match up in Arc!  Please help!


Thank you!


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