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Basemap tiles - native consumption or hosting them on ArcGIS online?

Question asked by Bikelandia on Apr 11, 2015

Hi everyone,


I am making an app for the first time using the Runtime SDKs, and need to decide how to store and host the basemap tiles. My choices are to 1) native consume the tiles or 2) host them on ArcGIS Online and make calls to them.


I would think that with native consumption, the app would provide the benefit of offline usage, but it may have a very large size, which could prevent some people from downloading it. With ArcGIS Online, the app could theoretically cover the whole world at multiple zoom levels and still have a small download size. But whenever users want to zoom in/out and pan the map, additional processing by the SDKs, the internet connection, and ArcGIS Online servers could introduce delays and make the app less responsive.


Has anyone done a tradeoff analysis to make this decision?


I want the app to be 20 MB max and allow zoom-ins to the block level. Does anyone have pointers on how I can calculate how much geographic coverage I can get with these parameters?