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SDE - SQL where is Dataset info stored

Question asked by D.Orlando on Apr 10, 2015
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I'm trying to track down a table that stores the Dataset info.


following this post, How to determine current edit session locking a version?  ,

I'm trying something similar, but want to trace the tables back to their Dataset. How can I add to this query to do that? I can't seem to find Dataset info anywhere in the sql tables.


SELECT as version_name,

pri.owner as data_owner,  



FROM sde.sde_versions v 

JOIN sde.SDE_state_locks sl ON sl.state_id = v.state_id 

JOIN sde.SDE_process_information pri ON pri.sde_id = sl.sde_id 

JOIN sde.sde_table_locks tl ON tl.sde_id = pri.sde_id 

JOIN sde.sde_table_registry tr ON tr.registration_id = tl.registration_id 

order by lock_time desc