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My Feature Service Won't Allow Edits on Certain Features?

Question asked by mbabinski1988 on Apr 9, 2015
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A week or so ago I published an editable feature service for a colleague who wants to use Collector for some field data editing. However, when I try to edit the data through a web client, some features I am able to edit, while others revert back to what they were (geometry and attributes). So in essence my problem is that some features can be edited while others can't.


It is an on-premise ArcGIS Server (10.2) editable feature service referencing a polygon feature class in a non-versioned SDE (SQL Server) geodatabase (also v10.2). I have enabled all editing privileges as such:



The data is in Web Mercator, with editor tracking, and a relationship class with a 1-M relationship with a non-spatial table. There's no messaging in the relationship class. The project partner just wants users to be able to view the related records but the only edits will be to the spatial data. The properties of the relationship class are:


I've spent a lot of time researching the existing documentation of editable feature services and even our lead ArcGIS Server guy is somewhat at a loss. Has anyone observed this behavior before? It's weird because I can commit edits on certain features without issue, but for some the geometry and attributes switch back to what they were after a while. Please help!


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