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Prevent Edit Session Loss in case of disconnect - SQL Server Geodatabase.

Question asked by MoriJLumos on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by vangelo-esristaff

I ran into an issue today with an Enterprise Geodatabase on SQL Server that I haven't run into before.

It could have something to do with a configuration that I did not implement, but just wanted to make sure.


I had a few users in an edit session, and for some odd reason they all lost Connection to the SQL Server at the same time, I'm having IT look into what happened. I think the Server Restarted randomly.

Unfortunately they all lost the edits that they had made in that session while it got disconnected, it wasn't anything serious this time fortunately.

They all received the same message, and even after They were able to reconnect in ArcCatalog, the layers still wouldn't redraw and they could not save their edits.

Here is the error message below.


My question is, is there a way I can configure the database. so that if this happens in the future they will not use the edits that they had made before the disconnect? I apologize in advance for my inexperience if it was something I missed in configuration.