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legendURL property in class WMSLayerInfo

Question asked by mattias_j on Apr 9, 2015

Hi!  I'm working on a custom widget that deals with WMS-services among other things. I want the legendURL for all layers in a WMS-service, and when I'm debugging my application I can see that there is a legendURL property in the class WMSLayerInfo (in the WMSLayer.layerInfos array). But the API reference doesn't mention anything about it, the only properties is abstract, extent, name, subLayers and title.
The variable view shows these properties as green circles and the legendURL as a yellow diamond as the image below shows.

When trying to get the value from legendURL with WMSLayerInfo.legendURL in my code I'm getting the error
1178: Attempted access of inaccessible property legendURL through a reference with static type com.esri.ags.layers.supportClasses:WMSLayerInfo.

Is there anyway I can get that legendURL value? or do I have to make my own call to the GetCapabilities XML for the service and extract the legend URLs from there?