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FeatureTable dijit doesn't honor outFields?

Question asked by cbennettmr on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by cbennettmr

The new FeatureTable dijit seems to have no way to programmatically set the visible columns.  I know I can use the menu to hide/show fields, but it's impractical to have to uncheck a bunch of fields every time the page is loaded. Meanwhile, the doc page's Properties section says: "Attribute fields to include in the FeatureTable."


For example, if you try adding the "outFields" parameter to the FeatureTable in the sandbox (ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox), it has no effect. In fact, there seems to be no programmatic way to limit the fields displayed in the table. In version 3.12, the FeatureTable at least honors the "outFields" of the target FeatureLayer, but version 3.13 always takes the entire set of fields from the map service.



Any ideas as to when it might be fixed?