What sets IEnumRow?

Discussion created by dwadestrick on Oct 8, 2010
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What populates IEnumRow?  I see a lot people talking about it in the forums saying you can get the count and iterate through it, but nowhere do I see what populates it.  I have used selection sets before and understand the way they work, but this one is getting the better of me.

What I am trying to do is see what feature(s) the user has selected in the attribute window (IAttributeWindow).  I can get the IAttributeWindow object with no problem and can even tell when the user changes the selection using m_attributeEvents_OnSelectionChanged().  I just cannot get the current selected feature the user selects within the selection set.  I am not trying to create a new ObjectInspector.  I just need to see what feature is being viewed by the default ObjectInspector.  It looks to me IEnumRow is used for this.  I just do not see how.  If there is another way to get this information, I would be happy to use it.  Does anyone have any ideas or have done anything like this before?  I am using C# for this project.

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